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Vacheron Constantin Overseas Watches

Around during the '70s, the economic boom that had come post-war eventually ended. This is the time when the new watches - made of quartz with increased accuracy - started gaining massive popularity, in turn, plunging the watch industry based in Switzerland into a crisis like situation.

Therefore a need for the Swiss watch brands arose in order to innovate to stay relevant in the market; thus, they made some changes that were necessary and disruptive. One of these was the Vacheron Constantin Overseas – with innovation at its heart and its impeccable features were created to charm the onlooker.


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History of Vacheron Constantin Overseas Watches

To celebrate postmodernism but also to try to break off from the 1970s style essentially, Vacheron Constantin, which is one of the oldest watch manufacturers – with its 260 years of history - introduced a sports watch which is also a luxury model from its end. To celebrate the brand’s 222nd anniversary, they presented the “wristwatch 222", laden with certain distinctive features like a slim and barrel-shaped case further coupled with a notched round bezel. This watch set a precedent of innovation in terms of a timepiece that was crafted for adventure and outdoor activities; however, there were still some features which could be worked upon.

Thereby, what followed was the Vacheron Constantin Overseas in the year 1996 – wherein the brand tried to foray into the sports watches segment. Beyond just being a sports watch that is at the higher end, the overseas also aimed at keeping pace with global travellers by giving them a timepiece which would make for a perfect partner for their outdoor adventurers but it would also be elegant for them to make a statement. The new Vacheron Constantin Overseas watch was also built in a similar shaped case as the 222 - along with a memory of the Maltese cross. The bracelet of the watch is exactly what sets it apart from the other dress watches and that is done by integrating geometric links.

Further, an improved model of the watch was introduced in the year 2004. The unique design was the newly made watch was crafted in a manner to reflect its ancestor but to also establish an identity of their own. The most intriguing thing about the watch was its metal bracelet which was adorned by the half Maltese cross motif. The Vacheron Constantin Overseas watch has been set perfectly for more comfort levels. What is starkly different about this was that its link was that it worked upon again and the link at the centre was extended to the bezel. Another novelty of this watch was that the crown guard was missing in it. However, the new edition entailed a newly designed and shaped dial which increased the sporty feeling that the watch gave to the wearer. Muscled up at a brilliant 42mm, the Overseas 2 relied on the VC1126 (JLC889-based) and the VC1137 (FP1185 with big date) while a magnetic screen and a soft iron.

In 2006, a completely revamped dual time Vacheron Constantin Overseas was integrated into the collection. It featured another time zone, was bagged with good power reserve and embodied a dial which was crafted to give an insight into the day and night. Taking a look at its massive success in the commercial lines, the model still went through improvement and further animated upon a variety of materials to introduce some different functions like the chronograph calendar embedded into it.

In the year 2007, there was a wild evolution that took place in the production of this watch and that was that the metal bracelet of the watch was done away with in order to manufacture a new limited edition focused at the US. The customers were allowed a choice of opting between the alligator or rubber straps. This sent out a clear message to the world that the brand is not afraid of innovating because the creative minds employed at the brand would craft the watch in a manner for it to become easily accepted.

Owing to the innovation that the brand encompasses, in the year 2016, Vacheron Constantin went ahead to present a beautifully revamped and redrafted Overseas collection adding to it more elegance and refining the style statement that it already possessed along with retaining its unique personality. The entire design looks much cleaner coupled with more fluid lines. The case further takes more of a barrel shape now and is equipped with a disc which is present below the bezel and underscoring the round opening of the watch.

We spot three completely new in-house movements, interesting complications and also the return of a horological classic, namely the VC1120. The overall finishing of the watch provided for an overall sporty and superb look.

Its magnificent thin case is an ultimate - and all-time - statement of sporting chic class. The very impressive revised collection of the Vacheron Constantin Overseas is further enriched with some new complicated additions which exist in the form of a very elegant super-thin calendar which is further based on the VC1120 model along with a world timer, which features the collection at 43.5 mm making it the largest in the entire collection. It also has the famous Vacheron Constantin Overseas Chronograph – because what is a sports watch without being a chronograph, right?

Now that you are acquainted with the peculiarities of the advent of the Vacheron Constantin Overseas – you have become well aware of the efforts the brand is willing to take to satisfy and meet the needs of its clientele.

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