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Tissot T-Sport Watches

Tissot – the watch that has been innovating and creating amazing timepieces since a very long time. They have been one of the best in the market and intend to hold a similar position in the future.

In order to do so, they have brought about the amazing sports collection – the field that they have been related to for as long as we can remember. It reminds them of their roots and pushes them to be the number one innovator with this regard. Thereby, the T Sport consists of plenty of timepieces – crafted for you.


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History of Tissot T-Sport Watches

Tissot - the watchmaking company - was found in 1853 by Charles-Felicien Tissot and Charles-Emile Tissot. Headquartered in Switzerland, they currently serve in 150 Counties. The products they provide are watches, timing devices and systems which are not less than remarkable.

Charles Tissot built a factory on Chemin de Tourelles in 1907, it is the same place where its present headquarters are. Tissot sold their first wristwatch for women in 1910. Thereafter, they created Tissot watches for men enhancing their diversity. Men were catered to by means of Tissot automatic and chronographs. While they were expanding in terms of the number of timepieces available at the brand, they wanted to make sure that their market reach was immense. Thereafter, they decided to increase the scale of their marketing segment. They came up with catchy ads and taglines which bewitched the customer – and the latter immediately flocked towards the brand.

In 1983, they became the member of the Swatch Group Ltd and excelled at a rate greater than anticipated. In the year 1985, the first watch made out of stone, known as RockWatch, was produced. In the year 1988, the wood was used for a watch for the very first time. Thus, showing that Tissot is not the kind to budge from experimentation. The Tissot also started the tradition of the ‘mother of pearls' - another hint at innovation. The people at Tissot were always creative and were never satisfied with simple tradition. Their brains were always at work – thinking about what new could be added to the collection.

Diversification is key and that is exactly what Tissot believed in. When the time called for catering to the needs of the youth – the watch brand did not stop itself and went ahead with playing with fancy colours – even though it wasn't its forte.

Nonetheless, as anticipated, Tissot pumped the market with excitement and its new editions were well-liked. Tissot had given birth to numerous dress watches, despite all that they also introduced a special range – Tissot T Sport. This was the result of the fact that Tissot had been closely linked to sports because it had represented itself as the official timekeeper or an important partner in various sports events.

Speaking of the T Sport, the collection has packaged various amazing models – and accept it or not – they are absolutely radiant. For instance, the Tissot T Race's design has been inspired by bike-racing. All Tissot had on its mind was that they are going to craft a watch which is from the industry they have absolute admiration for and then convert it into fashion that is appreciated all around the world. The watch features a chronograph which is perfect for those who have a fondness for the realm of racing.

However, if you are the kind who is in need of adorning their wrist with a timepiece which matches your powerful soul – then Tissot V8 is for you. The watch has been designed to be made use of in all rough and tough situations; thus, allowing you to go out there and have all the fun that you are in need of. The consumers have an option of choosing between the chronograph and non-chronograph variant.

And if you are the kind whose adventures lie in the water, then there is a watch that has been specially designed for you and that is the Tissot Seastar. The ultimate go-to option for the diver in you. Since the watch is water resistant to a pressure of 30 bar and is powered by the Tissot Powermatic 80 movement, you do not have to think twice before investing in this watch, right?

With the blessings of the Tissot PRC 200 and the Tissot PRS 516, the T Sports family gets even better. These are the models which will make you nostalgic about the design elements of a racetrack but are water resistant up to 20 and 10 bars, respectively. They are wonderful to fulfil your sporty needs. However, the collection does not come to an end here, there are numerous other watches which enhance the beauty of the collection with several other variants which are made to suit your needs and that is the best thing about the brand – diversity.

They also make sure that the watches are catered to the customers in a fashion so as to fit the affordability attribute as well. The customers are their priority and they are willing to go immeasurable lengths in order to meet their demands – so as to attract them back to the brand. They want to be the first thought that strikes your mind as soon as you think of investing in a watch. But that’s that about the brand, how about the T Sport collection? Isn’t it amazing for the people who have been born with the zeal of mapping all adventures in the world and if you are of the sort, what’s keeping you away?

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