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Nomos Glashütte Orion Watches

Incepted in the year 1990, the Namos Glashütte is popularly known for manufacturing simple and elegant timepieces. The brand Namos Glashütte, in a very short period of time, gained an enormous amount of success and popularity. The Nomos watches are not really expensive but the features that they forecast are simply drool-worthy. One of its captivating pieces is its Namos Orion which has placed all the watch enthusiasts under its spell.

Namos Orion showcases a minimalist design but the way its style has been perfected, it is regarded as one of the irresistible Namos Glashütte models.


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History of Nomos Glashütte Orion Watches

The famous German-based watchmaking company, Nomos Glashütte, is regarded as one of the most desired watches by the watch enthusiasts. Originally it was founded in the year 1906 by Guido Müller who simply participated in importing and exporting of Swiss watches. The actual launch of this company took place in the year 1990 after the fall of the Berlin wall. This was initiated by Roland Schwertner who aimed his attention towards building watches.

For a long time, the Nomos watches made use of the Swiss manufactured Calibre, until 2005, when it created its own in-house movement and named it Alpha. This actually was one of the milestones obtained by the company. Since the beginning of its journey, Nomos Glashütte sole purpose was to create high-quality watches which should reflect with the innovative ideas launched by them. Nomos did not really believe in manufacturing complex timepieces, as you can see in their collection, hence Nomos watches are quite simple and sophisticated.

The distinct features that make the Nomos watches popular are – its clearness, elegance and simplicity. If you ever come across a Nomos watch, the characteristic that would grab your immediate attention is the design of this Nomos watch as they all have been inspired by the Bauhaus purist design style. You can spot its pebble-shaped dial from anywhere, plus it sits so perfectly on the wrists that you just won’t feel like taking it off.

Nomos Glashütte has greatly evolved since its establishment. At present, it holds at least 13 various models that are made available in a number of variants. None of the models holds the same characteristic, they all differ in their style, design and functionality.

One of its most enchanting collections is its Nomos Orion. This particular model showcases minimalistic design and reflects the Nomos manufacturer. It is amongst the Nomos watches which have captured the attention of all watch lovers and has placed them under its spell. If you take a quick glance at the style and design of this cool watch, you can spot the reason why the makers of this Nomos watch have stated that it is their unofficial favourite timepiece. In fact, according to a report, it has been noticed that the Nomos Orion is worn by many of the Nomos employees. Orion acquired its name from the Orion constellation, also it has been shaped in the similar form, its lenticular and sleek case perfectly resembles a UFO soaring towards its constellation.

Nomos is that one brand which has remained faithful to its original shape. It has kept the designs of all Nomos watches following its minimalistic principles. The Nomos watches acts as a modern instrument on everyone's wrist. Equipped with the simplest dial along with an elegant hand-wound movement is what sets it aside from the crowd.

The Nomos Orion has won many awards and brings the best of its skilled craftsmen along with demanding clients. It was presented with the Austrian Chrono-Award under the category “Trendsetter”. Moreover, the Nomos Orion 38, presented in grey, won the Golden Balance award which is regarded as the most respected prize for Germany watches.

The highlight of the Nomos Orion collection is its minimalism. The thin case with smooth curvature of its sapphire crystal is what brings out its perfection. Not only the design and style, but the Nomos Orion assures you of its reliability and precision. The reason for accuracy in these timepieces is due to its classic manual winding calibre, which is the in-house manufacture by the brand, named Nomos Alpha.

The Nomos Orion collection is also regarded as a universal timepiece. They have been made available in three case sizes – 33 mm, 35 mm and 38 mm and due to this variety, they are perfect for both men and women. The Nomos Orion Date is one of the clear watches which holds the date display.

The design of this unisex watch offers a dial which showcases three shades – white with silver, an elegant intense pink dial and a light pink dial. The indices of this timepiece vary depending on each model, some are gold or silver plated whereas its hands are polished. The others are rhodium plated with steel and are blue tempered or gold plated. The case back of each model is available in two forms, one in stainless steel and the other in transparent sapphire crystal. Along with these qualities, the Orion is also equipped with a high-grade leather strap which comes along with a stylish pin buckle.

Hence, if you are looking for a unisex dress watch, then the Nomos Orion is here to fulfil all your requirements. Along with style, it is armed with functions. It is one of the Nomos watches which showcases elegance and its accuracy can be relied upon for eternity.

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