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Classic Fusion

Hublot Classic Fusion Watches

Incepted in the year 1980, Hublot is a Swiss luxury watch brand, founded by an Italian visionary Carlo Crocco. Ever since its inception, Hublot has been delivering innovations to the watch world. Today Hublot is counted among a few of the most innovative watch brands.
The Classic Fusion is an exemplary timepiece from a Swiss watch brand, Hublot. Debuted in the year 2010, Hublot Classic Fusion collection exhibits an elegant yet modernistic look. These exquisite Hublot watches are inspired from Hublot Big Bang and Hublot 80's collection. The Hublot Classic Fusion watches are designed in a manner such that they can be both watches for men and women.


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¥629,538 (Tax Free)

HUBLOT Classic Fusion Automatic 42 mm

  • New
¥747,130 (Tax Free)

HUBLOT Classic Fusion Chronograph Titanium 45mm

  • New
¥1,258,149 (Tax Free)

Hublot Classic Fusion/Classic Fusion Chronograph Juventus 45MM

  • New
¥795,186 (Tax Free)

Hublot Classic Fusion Chronograph-Titanium-Diamonds

  • New
¥683,241 (Tax Free)

Hublot Classic Fusion Automatic Men's Watch

  • New
¥460,000 (Tax Free)

Classic Fusion Titanium And Leather Watch/33mm

  • New
¥546,112 (Tax Free)

HUBLOT Classic Fusion Automatic Men's Watch/45MM

  • New
¥719,352 (Tax Free)

Classic Fusion Chronograph Titanium 42mm

  • New
¥832,315 (Tax Free)

Classic Fusion Titanium and Diamond Watch Blue/Steel 33mm

  • New
¥535,000 (Tax Free)

HUBLOT Classic Fusion Blue Dial Ladies Watch/33mm

  • New
¥758,241 (Tax Free)

Classic Fusion Chronograph Titanium Blue 42mm

  • New
¥1,185,093 (Tax Free)

Hublot Classic Fusion Chronograph 45mm Mens Watch

  • New
¥1,006,389 (Tax Free)

Hublot Classic Fusion Berluti All Black Rubber 45 mm

  • New
¥2,314,723 (Tax Free)

Hublot Classic Fusion Automatic 42mm Mens Watch

  • New

Items 1-24 of 75

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History of Hublot Classic Fusion

Over the years Hublot has been successful in garnering the attention of watch enthusiasts all around the world due to its unique concept of "Fusion". As per this Hublot strives to create timepieces that hold the unique fusion of rare metals which are the result of its own sole inventions. Hublot's designers make the use of unlikely metal alloys, leather, ceramics, and fabrics to embed their watches with a different style and design elements.

Since its debut, Hublot has produced many unique watch series such as the Big Bang, Spirit of Big Bang, Novelties, Classic Fusion and MP collection. But when you think about Hublot's earliest watch series, then the Classic line of watches are the first ones that strike you. These line watches came up soon after the launching of the brand. Flaunting the purest aesthetic designs this watch collection created a sudden hit in the Swiss horology. The Hublot classic line watches bored strong characteristics and design elements with the exquisite combination of gold with the rubber strap. These models are easily identifiable due to their simple design features. This collection continued to flourish the brand’s growth since its launch. But as Hublot was keen on delivering the innovations, it debuted the newer version of Classic watches – the Hublot Classic Fusion in the year 2010. Even the production of Classic Fusion delivered the brand its desired growth. These line of watches were a simplified version of the Hublot’s one of the most favoured series Big Bang.

The Classic Fusion timepieces flaunt a slimmer profile with the less crowded dial. Drawing inspiration from the Hublot's 1980s classic watch series, the Hublot Classic Fusion is a bit different from the busy and bold Big Bang and offers something discreet. The case of Classic Fusion watches exhibits a look of the porthole, along with carrying the rugged hands and gold hour markers. The case design of Classic Fusion retains most of the Hublot's trademark design elements. The Classic Fusion watches are available in the following three case sizes: 38mm, 42mm, and 45mm. These line of watches exhibit impeccable workmanship and exquisite design which are sure to inspire every admirer of the traditional watchmaking. In order to add a taste of contemporary sophistication, the Classic Fusion watches make the usage of modern materials such as ceramic and titanium as well as traditional metals like gold and steel in their production. Thus these timepieces inherit both avant-garde and classical design elements.

The variants
Mastering over the aspects of watch manufacturing, Hublot possesses the art of delivering the undistinguished timepieces for every sort of watch admirer. The brand is renowned for its extraordinary experimentation and the versatility in designs. While emphasizing on the Classic Fusion, this line of Hublot's watch collection offers a wide choice in terms of size, material, and features. The Classic Fusion timepieces are available in the four variants which include: Hublot Classic Fusion Titanium, Classic Fusion Titanium Diamonds, Classic Fusion Titanium Pave, and the Classic Fusion King Gold Diamond.

The favourite of all-stars and sports
The Hublot Classic Fusion has been quite popular among the great personalities including athletes, watch bloggers and many actors. One of the Hublot’s Classic Fusion model Dwayne Wade struck in the production due to its association with NBA champion, Dwayne Wade. This watch model stands out for its fine polished black ceramic case and lavish skeleton dial. While adding more to the Hublot's achievements, the brand also presented its sportive timepiece, the Hublot Classic Fusion Chronograph to mark its association with football. For years, the brand has been working in association with famous sports clubs and players and to no doubt, today it is regarded as the primary manufacturer of luxury watches when it comes to the sports.

Thus when looking to buy a watch that could hold its legibility and can even look great for the years to come, then the Hublot's Classic Fusion is a great choice. These watches are sure to steal the attention of everyone, whether it's your office get together or a friends hang out.



It is an alloy developed independently and is very lightweight.

Magic gold

An alloy of gold and ceramics, developed by Hublot. Higher hardness than stainless steel

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