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Bell & Ross Vintage Watches

Bell and Ross is a French watch company set up in the late 20th century. The company has always aimed at creating watches that serve professional use under extreme conditions alongside symbolizing the swiss making tradition of watchmaking. However, the Bell and Ross Vintage collection is something differentiated for the company's basic designs and functions. The Bell and Ross Vintage brings an elegant collection under the parent which mostly produced watches for professionals.

The Vintage collection has been relaunched recently and has a perfect blend of historical aspects with latest technical specifications. Bell and Ross Instruments watches are exceptionally good and serve the purpose of a professional timepiece in a fashion that has no other match.


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History of Bell & Ross Vintage Watches

Bell and Ross are characterized by efficiency, legibility and reliability. The company has had its first factory in Switzerland and has taken from there the grand watchmaking tradition ahead. Bell and Ross have entitled their team across the world to serve their purpose in accordance with the principles. They have primarily dealt with watches that were entirely designed for pilots, astronauts, divers, bomb disposal experts across the globe. Thereby primarily serving watches for extreme professionals of a sort. In the current scenario, they have begun to enter into some ramification that the present scenario demands. Also, Bell and Ross have a wide range of watches for those who may not be into extreme professions like travelling into space or deep below the sea level- the sporty fraternity, intrinsically.

Presently, Bell and Ross bring three major collections to choose from- marine, aviation and vintage. Three of these are meant to serve various functions and professionals. Bell and Ross have a collection to aptly suit different professionals involved in work at extreme conditions. All the models in Bell and Ross collection are befitted with distinctive features that compliment the intended purposes in a tremendous manner. All of them have certain common traits that are- swiss mechanical movements, optimal water resistance and clear visual indicators.

Bell and Ross watches have always amused and satisfied the professionals both at the same time because of the elegance that they embody. They have set a benchmark in the watch industry which cannot be defeated because of the hard work that they have put in to do so. The precision with which Bell and Ross watches have been created is exactly what drives the crowd crazy. With the contemporary changes that the world is being met with, the brand has not forgotten that they must be consistent in terms of the quality that they deliver. The feature of each Bell and Ross watch that you witness is drool-worthy and to-die-for, without any doubt.

From the marine collection, the professional diver's watch has decomposition valves and faces that are aiding visible in dark conditions. This Bell and Ross chronograph is also water resistant up to a whopping 500m.

Bell and Ross have been mainly known for the pilot inspired watches initially but with time they realised that not every individual would opt to wear such large dialled professional looking watches. There came the Bell and Ross Vintage collection, to embark modern watchmaking by Bell and Ross. The basic vision of the Vintage collection was to reach the customers who preferred something other than the professional looking and serving watches. The Bell and Ross Vintage collection made the company move towards a more traditional approach and design towards watches.

Bell and Ross Vintage models have been launched before too but they lacked a certain touch of elegance in their design. Despite being titled as the Bell and Ross Vintage collection, these timepieces were deprived of a vintage touch in their appearance. The 2017 Bell and Ross Vintage collection by Bell and Ross was a much welcomed and awaited correction. The 2017 Bell and Ross collection has watches which are smaller and slimmer. These Bell and Ross watches are easier on the eye, more vintage in looks and also easier on the wrist.

The collection presented three variants- BR-V1, BR V2-92 and BR V2-94. The Bell and Ross vintage collection was a commendable addon to the legacy and stature of the watch brand.

The Bell and Ross Vintage collection takes major inspiration from historic trends and designs. Despite having historical roots, the heritage collection by Bell and Ross has taken into account the latest technical aspects of a good watch and carved them into their heritage collection. This french watch maker always makes sure to inculcate the latest technical specifications with whatsoever that watch's theme is oriented as. The BR heritage aviation watch has taken inspiration from aeronautical instrumentation. This legible and reliable timepiece makes use of latest techniques yet has its roots associated with historical designs and watch trends.

The Bell and Ross aeronaval is inspired by the aviation branch of the French navy and takes inspiration from the same. Although aeronavale is not a true and pure military watch. The watch has deep blue and shining goldtone markers which blend beautifully amidst themselves and also suit well on the wrist; this alluring combination is somewhere the real winner when it comes to this collection by Bell and Ross. The case of this Bell and Ross aeronavale watch is polished steel with a diameter of whopping 43mm. It is quite a vintage deal with a justing bezel that adds to the catchy profile of the sapphire inclined look of this Bell and Ross watch. The movement of this Bell and Ross Vintage watch is based on an ETA ebauche while being machine finished. It has everything that would convince you with the price that it is available at.

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